Wrought Iron Gates are the most decorative gates on the market today.  They add an air of elegance to any home or business.  The application of wrought iron gates can be extended to the entry of your property, driveway or garden.  A customized wrought iron gate is unrivaled by any other material.  These gates are easily integrated into existing brick, stone, cement and concrete pillars.  Wrought iron gates provide form and function.  You can special order a solar, sliding, automated or swing gate.  Our clients love wrought iron gates for their amazing curb appeal.


Wrought iron gates are one of the most durable gates on the market.  Our clients prefer them for their low maintenance and decorative aesthetic.  They offer tremendous curb appeal and lend an air of class to any business or residence.  The sturdy characteristics of wrought iron make it an excellent security material.  If you have a garden, wrought iron gates provide wonderful support for climbing vegetation.  We can install a wrought iron fence today and in no time you will have your very own trellis flourishing with the foliage of your choice.  Call today to discuss the myriad of custom design options St. George Gates and Garage Doors has to offer.


Automatic, solar, swing and sliding mechanical options are available with wrought iron gates.  St. George and Cedar City are blessed to receive 255 sunny days per year.  This is well above the national average of 205 days per year.  Our environment is the perfect location for solar operated gates.  The cost of a solar operated gate is slightly more than automatic, swing and sliding mechanical options.  Our clients opt for this environmentally friendly choice because they know that they will save money on energy bills over time.  Swing gates can open up and out.  How your gate opens is dependent upon the space available.  If there is not enough space to allow for a sliding gate, the next best selection is swing style.

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Decorative Gates

If you seek a decorative gate that speaks to your personality and architecture, wrought iron gates are the best material available.  This medium offers more style variations than any other type of gate on the market.  Whether you’d like art deco, baroque or craft, a wrought iron gate can only enhance your property’s appearance.  Our designer can work with you to create a custom gate that suits your personality.  We can create a design that features a custom family crest or your company’s logo.  The choices are literally endless.  Keep in mind that wrought iron gates integrate well with existing stone, brick, cement and concrete fencing.

Users and Location

The perfect customer for a wrought iron gate is you.  You don’t need to own a multi-million dollar property to be deserving of an ornate and luxury gate.  An 8,000 square foot mansion is not necessary to provide a beautiful backdrop to a decorative gate.  Wrought iron gates accentuate the facade of commercial and residential structures.  A wrought iron gate can be placed at the entrance of your property, before the threshold of your garage or as an ornate trellis in your garden.  Whatever your needs or personal tastes, St. George Gates and Garage Doors has the perfect gate for you.  Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.