Our company will carry out a full range of commercial garage door repair work, considering different types of doors.

Types of possible malfunctions

Any construction has its own resources, and there comes a time when it fails. In many cases, extending the period of trouble-free operation helps with timely service.We do various commercial garage door repairs with a professional approach and fast realization.Consider the most common malfunctions of commercial garage doors depending on their type.

Sectional doors:

    may not open and close completely;

    the drive functions, but does not lift the gate;

    the entire mechanism does not work;

    the gate opens independently after closing;

    there is vibration during opening and closing;

    torsion spring breaks;

    opening/closing is accompanied by strong noise;

    the door leaf freezes.

Rolling gates:

    sash does not close;

    the remote control does not respond;

    incomplete opening or closing;

    mechanical damage to the beam;

    sash does not move when the motor is running “with a tea.”.

Swing gate:

    sashes do not close at all;

    incomplete closing;

    the gate does not open.

Rolling gates:

    motor damage or malfunctions;

    lamellae breakage;

    shaft wear;

    gearbox failure;

    wear of transoms and traction springs.