Roll up doors are a great security option for businesses.  Mall retailers, restaurants, street access store fronts, underground parking garages, schools, cafeterias and retailers located in airports enjoy the transparency and security that roll up doors provide.  There are a variety of styles and materials to choose from.  They are weather resistant, rust resistant and low maintenance.  At St. George Gates and Garage Doors you can choose from vinyl, aluminum, steel and wood.  Roll up doors eliminate noise pollution and offer excellent insulation.  They are an affordable option allowing fool proof security and simultaneous visual transparency.  If a burglar were to trespass, security guards and passersby would be able to see and detect wrong doing.  The transparency makes it more likely that law enforcement would be notified, thereby protecting your valuable products and equipment.


It is nearly impossible for someone to break in through a roll up door.  Burglars will have to enter from the ceiling, back door or neighboring business to be able to penetrate your establishment.  Combine a roll up door with a solid alarm system plus CCTV and you’ve got excellent security for your business.  Sure, you could recoup your losses from your insurance company after you pay the high deductible, but the inconvenience and hardship that theft promises is not worth the trouble of being ill prepared for intruders.  Depending on the material used, roll up doors offer great insulation.  Some are fire and smoke proof.  Even with all of its features, roll up doors are extremely economical. Call us if you are looking for Roll Up Door Installation or repair in St. George, Utah


Vinyl, steel and aluminum roll up doors are rust resistant.  Roll up doors made from wood, vinyl, steel and aluminium are wind resistant.  This is great news, given the high velocity winds that blow through Cedar City and St. George.  Unlike glass doors, they need little maintenance.  Vinyl roll up doors are the most durable option.  They are great for warehouses, factories and industrial businesses.  Insulated doors increase energy efficiency and help to control indoor climates.  Most of the roll up doors we offer are powered by a motor.  The motor is convenient for the user and lessens the risk of injury.

roll up garage door


There are several types of roll up doors available.  Consider the architecture of your building, proposed usage, location, items protected and foot traffic when selecting the perfect door for your business.  Service doors roll up into a coil above the entryway.  They are primarily used in warehouses.  Counter shutters offer the same features as service doors.  The only difference is that they are typically located over pharmacy and cafeteria counters.  Fire and smoke doors can be used anywhere you’d like to protect against fire and smoke.  Heavy duty, high cycle roll up doors are useful anytime you estimate a 20 to 30 cycle of usage per day. Each of these doors can be motorized for your convenience.


The composition of your roll up door should be determined by the level of security required, surrounding architecture, brand aesthetic and items secured.  Vinyl, aluminum, steel and wood are the materials primarily used to construct roll up doors.  Wood roll up doors are the exception to the rule.  They are used primarily in luxury retail spaces and showrooms.  Elegant wood roll up doors can be used both indoor and outdoors.  To use them in outdoor spaces, they must be weatherized.  Vinyl doors are the most durable and toughest of them all.  They are used primarily on docks and in warehouses.