The invention of automated gates was a major improvement in gate technology.  Imagine what life was like before.  You had to unmount your horse, carriage or car, walk over to the gate, unlatch it, remount your mode of transportation, move it inside the property, then repeat the process to close the gate.  If you were fortunate, you had a servant or companion that could aid you.  These days you and your visitors can come and go with the press of a few buttons or the swipe of a card.  Some automated gates are even programmed for license plate recognition. We know our stuff, so please give us a call if you are looking for automatic gate repair in st george utah


There are several types of automatic gates st george utah has to offer.  You can get lost sorting through the mechanisms, styles and materials.  Fortunately, our dedicated gate sales representative can keep you on target.  Choose from swing, automatic sliding, tracked, cantilever sliding, bi-folding and BSI PAS 68 gates.  BSI PAS 68 gates are heavy duty, high powered security gate systems.  These gates are primarily used by national security agencies, embassies, military bases and nuclear power plants.  Depending on the space available and your personal preferences, you may opt for a swing or cantilever sliding gate.  These two options are great for homes.  An automated sliding gate is perfect for schools and recreational parking lots.

slide gate opener


The materials used to construct your new gate are as varied as the individuals and companies involved in the selection.  Choose from chain link, vinyl, wood and wrought iron gates.  Your selection should be dependent on the proposed usage, durability necessary, location, brand or personal aesthetic and budget.  Wood is gorgeous but requires the most maintenance.  Chainlink is the most economical option but also the least aesthetically pleasing.  Vinyl fencing is a nice bridge in between the two.  Vinyl fencing has become more convincing in its appearance.  Wrought iron is our favorite.  Not because it is the most costly, but because it is the most elegant in decorative fencing.  Wrought iron is a great complement to pre-existing cement, stone, wood and brick fencing.

Access Controls

Access controls are what makes automated gates so convenient.  When you compare the automated gates from the 1980’s to today’s technology, you will be blown away.  Intercoms, radio remotes, proximity detectors, plate number recognition, digital keypads, magnetic card readers and induction loop detectors make entering and exiting a property seamless.  Push buttons available locally and remotely, human machine interface, audio or CCTV remote control and integration into existing access control systems provide the utmost in security and places less strain on security staff.  Our favorite technological advancement is the plade number recognition feature.  Authorized license plate numbers are programmed into the system to allow for incident free access.


Did you know that an automated gate can raise your property value by 5%?  This little known fact is relevant when attempting to resale and when seeking home insurance.  A wrought iron gate is bound to elicit a nice size check from your insurance broker.  Automated gates provide enhanced privacy and security.  They keep unauthorized vehicles and animals off your property.  The automation feature makes them convenient for the user and security staff.  When done right, the aesthetic appeal is unparalleled.  Opt to install an automated gate at the entrance of your property and double the security by installing another before the garage entrance.