broken garage door

The main condition for the door operation is the correct and stable positioning of the cables. Without them, the working door leaf cannot move and is in a tense position. The most important mistake that can be made when installing sectional doors is a poor tension of the cables, as a result of their slackness can lead to distortion of the web and columns, which serve as guides when opening and closing the equipment. It is this oversight most often leads to their failure or the appearance of malfunctions, and in this case will need repair of the gate, with possible replacement of cables.

Of course, automatic gates are always associated with a beautiful view, convenience and reliability, but if they do break down, you can not do without the help of specialists.

Today urgent repair of gates is quite a popular service, which is offered by a large number of companies engaged in this type of activity. It is worth noting that the correction of the breakdown of such equipment should be carried out quickly, but at the same time qualitatively, because the client needs to use it every day, especially if it is a breakdown of sectional garage doors.

Our company is not only engaged in the sale and installation of automatic gates, we are pleased to offer our customers further maintenance and various repairs that may be needed during the entire operation of this equipment. Each of our customers is provided with a warranty for free emergency repair of sectional gates, but if the warranty period has already expired, do not try to repair them yourself, it is better to trust the professionals of the business. Urgent repairs are carried out quite rarely and as a rule, it is industrial units. This is primarily due to the constant use and load of equipment in such areas. We have a large selection of components, with the help of which the repair of various models of gates will be carried out in the minimum time.

Types of repair work

Our company carries out both urgent and scheduled repair of all mechanisms and electronics of automatic gates. If you need to repair the gate urgently, then the application accepted in the telephone mode, will be processed and the team will immediately go to the object.
Before the repair of the field team necessarily conducts a complete diagnosis of equipment of any type, which first of all includes checking the mechanics and automation, after which the check is subject to the rest of the parts and mechanisms of the gate.
After the malfunction has been detected, begins directly its repair. A prerequisite for the departure of the repair team is the cleaning, as well as lubrication of automatics and all mechanisms of the device. After that, their adjustment is performed. Upon completion of repair work, an act is drawn up.

If it is a scheduled repair and diagnosis, then its procedure will be as follows:

  • the client makes a written request, on the basis of which the repair team will go to the specified object in the prescribed time.
  • After inspection, our company’s specialists make a list of equipment that will need to be replaced or carry out its prevention, in order to prevent possible breakdown.
  • On the basis of this list and the drawn up act is carried out further replacement and repair of mechanisms. The cost of work will be determined by the estimate.

After all repair works are completed, a new maintenance contract is signed for the next scheduled repair.