Your garage door takes up about 20% of your home’s facade.  The cost to replace it is about $2300 on average.  If you decide to put your home on the market, you stand to recoup more than what you paid.  A beautiful garage door is a major determining factor in home sales.  It makes sense to invest in a durable, technologically advanced garage door with strong curb appeal.  With so many styles to choose from, there is a look for every aesthetic, including but not limited to traditional, contemporary and modern.


Since 1993 garage door technology has improved drastically.  To minimize hazards associated with accidental garage door closures, the Federal government passed a law mandating safety reverse sensor technology for all garage doors manufactured after 1993.  If you have an older garage door, it’s worth it to get an upgrade.  Our favorite feature is WIFI enabled garage door openers.  Once you install the application on your smartphone you are able to open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world.  A notification alarm will sound anytime your garage door opens.  This is great for when you have gone to work and think you may have left your garage door open.  This feature provides extra safety and peace of mind.


An exquisitely constructed and designed garage door will drastically improve the appearance of your home.  Amazing curb appeal is not to be underestimated.  Opt for a well insulated door to conserve your home’s energy and properly manage your heating and cooling bills.  It may seem like an expense at first, but your garage door will pay for itself.  The aesthetic enhancement to your home means that buyers are more likely to choose your abode when on the market for a new house. You can check additional information here. A wonderfully crafted garage door is justification to increase your asking price.  The added safety features help protect your family and increase the security of your personal belongings.

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We get excited when we talk about the types of garage doors available.  You can choose from a swing out, swing up, roll up or sliding garage door.  We can install any type of door you desire, however roll up garage doors are a more efficient use of space.  St. George Gates and Garage Doors can custom design a door that mimics the look of a bifold or victorian carriage house.  There are several different types of openers available to you.  Chain-driven, belt-driven, screw-drive, direct-drive and jackshaft garage door openers can be installed.  The type of opener you choose is dependent upon your personal preferences and space usage.

Styles & Materials

Although we are technologically inclined, we get passionate when discussing design aspects.  Choose from wood, aluminum and steel surfaces.  Of course, we are partial to wood garage doors.  Nothing can compete with the natural elegance of beautiful wood grain.  There are a plethora of finishes at your fingertips.  The higher level of maintenance required is justified by the sheer beauty and aesthetic enhancement to your home.  Insulated aluminum doors are perfect for modern and contemporary abodes.  You can opt for a basic faux wood grain or brushed aluminum with shatterproof, frosted, glass, panels.  Steel doors can take the architectural details of your modern home to another level.  Incorporating glass within the top panels allows light to enter without the use of electricity and renders an airy effect.