Part of our claim to fame is that we sell and stock parts for all of the services offered.  Wrought iron gates, turnstiles, roll up doors, automated gates, and garage doors each have a system of components and parts that make them operational.  For the sake of efficiency, we keep them in stock.  If we are installing an automated gate, there is no need to wait one week for the parts to come in.  We can literally do a consultation today and by evening, your customized gate can be installed.  Ever contact a service provider for an emergency repair and they tell you that the necessary part is not in stock?  This issue is avoided with St. George Gates and Garage Doors.  We always have the appropriate component in stock to get the job done on time.

Cost Management

One of the ways in which we are able to offer such affordable pricing is because we have cut out the middleman.  Unlike many local service providers, we do not purchase components at the retail level.  Buying the necessary tools and equipment at the retail level only rises increases operational costs.  Companies always pass their extraneous costs onto their customers.  By stocking parts and components we are able to save you money.  We purchase all of our components at the wholesale level.  After over thirty years in business we have built an extensive network of suppliers.  The pricing we receive is beyond reasonable.  We are able to pass this savings onto you, our most valued customer.

Time Management

Imagine if every time we contracted a service job, we had to wait a week for the parts to come in.  Due to the fact that we stock our own parts, we are able to commence projects on your time schedule, not the supplier’s.  Inevitably, something will be forgotten or something not accounted for will be needed.  Having to wait for this additional part can slow us down, drag out the duration of the project and be quite frustrating.  Keeping essential parts in stock allows us to finish most jobs before schedule.

garage door parts

Retail Sales

The parts and components sold for garage doors, turnstiles, roll up doors, wrought iron gates and automated gates are purchased by our company at wholesale pricing.  Industry professionals are able to purchase these items from us at discounted trade pricing.  Our customers in need of a new remote or minor component is able to purchase these last minute and emergency items at a very affordable rate.  Our pricing is much less than what you will find at most St. George and Cedar City retail stores.

Parts And Brands Stocked

St. George Gates and Garage Doors stocks and sells an extensive list of products.  Included in our stock for garage doors are hinges, panels, door tracks, wheels, bulbs, brackets, remotes and reversing sensors.  The parts stocked for automated gates include digital keypads, keypad stands, magnetic cards, motors, transmitters, receivers and exit wands.  We stock the following brands for automated gates:  Apollo, Estate Swing, Liftmaster, GTO/Pro, Mighty Mule, US Automatic Parts and Zareba.  Our turnstile parts include:  control head castings, shock housing assemblies, control head bearings, locking bar assemblies and hydraulic shock absorbers.  We stock Philips Burie parts for all your turnstile needs.  Contact us today for a complete listing of garage door parts in St. George Utah.