Commercial Garage Doors

Our company will carry out a full range of commercial garage door repair work, considering different types of doors. Types of possible malfunctions Any construction has its own resources, and there comes a time when it fails. In many cases, extending the period of trouble-free operation helps with timely service.We do various commercial garage door repairs with a professional approach […]

Garage Door Repair | Gate Repair | St. George Gates and Garage Doors

St. George Gates and Garage Doors Welcome to St. George Gates and Garage Doors where we specialize in automated gate repair, garage door repair, door opener repair, automatic gate repair and turnstile repair.  We also offer installations and parts for garage doors, wrought iron gates, automated gates, roll up doors and turnstiles.  If you seek an experienced company to service […]

Automated Gates

The invention of automated gates was a major improvement in gate technology.  Imagine what life was like before.  You had to unmount your horse, carriage or car, walk over to the gate, unlatch it, remount your mode of transportation, move it inside the property, then repeat the process to close the gate.  If you were fortunate, you had a servant […]

Garage Doors

Your garage door takes up about 20% of your home’s facade.  The cost to replace it is about $2300 on average.  If you decide to put your home on the market, you stand to recoup more than what you paid.  A beautiful garage door is a major determining factor in home sales.  It makes sense to invest in a durable, […]

Roll Up Door

Roll up doors are a great security option for businesses.  Mall retailers, restaurants, street access store fronts, underground parking garages, schools, cafeterias and retailers located in airports enjoy the transparency and security that roll up doors provide.  There are a variety of styles and materials to choose from.  They are weather resistant, rust resistant and low maintenance.  At St. George […]

Garage Door Parts

Part of our claim to fame is that we sell and stock parts for all of the services offered.  Wrought iron gates, turnstiles, roll up doors, automated gates, and garage doors each have a system of components and parts that make them operational.  For the sake of efficiency, we keep them in stock.  If we are installing an automated gate, […]

Garage Door Services

Contractors Installing Garage Door. Step by Step. Installing Garage Door Post Rail and Spring Installation. You need  a contractor you can trust with your Garage Door Services. You need St. George Gates and Garage Doors! The availability of space in Southern Utah allows residential real estate developers to construct homes on vast acres of land.  We have the luxury of […]


St. George Gates and Garage Doors specializes in installing, repairing, maintaining and providing parts for garage doors, automated gates, turnstiles, roll up doors and wrought iron gates.  We have proudly served Cedar City, St. George and surrounding communities for over thirty years.  It has been a pleasure to provide a much needed quality service to our neighbors and their friends […]


St. George Gates and Garage Doors is the top Garage Door Company in St. George Utah.  We’ve been known for over thirty years as service providers of unsurpassed quality garage door installation, garage door repairs and maintenance. With 30 years of experience in the field, we’re more than capable of installing and repairing security gates, automated doors, roll up grilles, […]


You may not have known it but there are several different types of turnstiles from which to choose.  Most people have experience with turnstiles at amusement parks, stadiums and public transportation.  If you’ve been to New York or Germany you may have witnessed how some turnstiles can be easily penetrated.  Where there is a will, there’s a way.   The human […]